I’ve been photographing my twin sister for nearly ten years, since we were teenagers full of hope, ideals, despair and fear.

Since I’ve moved overseas, these images have taken on greater significance. Looking back, I’m so thankful to have captured and explored this relationship on film. We’ve always been incredibly close and I can still remember the excitement of creating together and discovering ourselves.

Now we’ve been forced to go our separate ways and I miss her like nothing else. But I’m interested to see where things go from here.

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Preview Assignment 1


For my first assignment with Kingsize studios we were asked to photograph another classmate using one light source. I paired up with photographer Robbie Hunter and we shot using the black curtains in the studio and a Broncolor beauty dish. I was definitely out of my comfort zone as it’s been a long time since I shot in a studio setting and am very much an intuitive photographer rather than a technical one (I’m hoping to improve this).

I’m pretty happy with the result but still have a long way to go to to reach the standard I hope to achieve!