Kingsize 2016 Scholarship

I’m pleased to announce I have been accepted into the 2016 Kingsize Studios Scholarship program in Auckland! This will be a great opportunity for me to meet people in the industry here (where I am still very new) and to have the time and means to continue exploring my practice.

Thanks to the team for accepting my application!

Fiona Pardington at the Auckland Art Gallery

An exciting part of moving to a new city/country is discovering new artists and cultural events. My partner Fernando and I went to the AAG one evening during the Auckland Arts Festival to see Fiona Pardington’s exhibition. I didn’t know much about her work beforehand but now I think I’m a new fan.

Themes such as the connection to the past, sexuality and feminism are all intriguing to me and relevant to my own practice. Some of the objet trouveĀ  were surprisingly beautiful, not to mention the incredible still lives and pornographic vintage found photographs. I love that through these items she gives a voice to females from the past who would otherwise be long forgotten.



Thanks for visiting!

I’ve decided to keep a blog as I realised I don’t really have anywhere online I can create long posts with updates or just images/thoughts from daily life. This will mostly be used for my photography and anything art related.

I’m hoping to link this to my website so here goes, I hope it works….